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Quality Service. Unmatched Value


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Suzette Thompson,
Interior Logic Group

During Covid keeping our shared workspace as clean as possible was a big goal of ours. We wanted everyone to feel safe, clean and comfortable. I was recommended Advanced Professional Cleaning by our sister property who used them as well and they did not disappoint! 


Julie King,
38th Modern Dental

Advanced Professional Cleaning has been providing weekly cleaning services at my dental care clinic since 2019 and there's never been an issue. They follow directions well and communication is outstanding. If I can't have them clean one day, rescheduling is a breeze, and booking in general is seamless. Highly recommend.


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Bridgett Skinner,
Toll Brothers Design Studio

Advanced Professional Cleaning came in to disinfect my office after one of our employees tested positive. They were very thorough and made sure to get every inch of our office space. Not only did the disinfect but they did a great job cleaning the space too

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